Tuesday, February 27, 2007

List update 070227

Recent list work: #9, #12a (most recent time: 16:42), #22, #87.

I've realized a few of my items are debatable. For instance, I did drive an hour to spend time with a friend. Does that qualify as traveling to visit someone? I'm currently going with no. The reestablishing good credit history is always potential, but I've not gotten a credit report recently, so it's not yet clear that's been completed. And I'm definitely working on finishing up with classes, but that will take a while.

However, of items which are unequivocal, I've currently finished 6. This means I'm completely on pace, as I need to average 1 every 10 days. And I've even done it without relying on the sunrise and sunset ones yet. Yay me!


AdamX said...

You are just holding out so you can visit Okie Jason.

Mike said...

Perhaps. I was thinking more along the lines of, say, my best friend from high school (currently lives in CO) or my best friend from college (currently in CA). But, yes, Jason in OK is a possibility for a travel to visit.

AdamX said...

I'd like it if you came to visit more often. :-)

***Don't worry Jason, I'm not trying to take your Bio-naut away!***